Mini Coopers are some of the most fun cars to drive and in an area that continues to grow in population, it can be advantageous to drive a smaller automobile today. Not just from an economical standpoint by saving on gas, but simply from a matter of lack space! While these cars are always a gas to drive (no pun intended) they demand a certain amount of attention under the hood to keep them running at the peak performance level. Here at ZahnTech Automotive Service we specialize in Mini Repair and maintenance and have been a leader in the area for years.


Here are some common problems that we’ve seen in our shop recently that we’ve seen with Mini Cooper’s that can be prevented by a visit to our shop!

  • Failing Clutch
    These have been wearing out earlier than the factory’s have expected, and with the roads becoming more dense up here, we’ve seen a lot of these wear out before they should.
  • Timing Chains Rattling
    Hearing a rattling sound? Especially while idling? This problem should not ignored! Having the transmission fluid checked regularly can prevent this problem.
  • Problems and Issues with the VVT
  • The Variable Valve Timing system needs to have a good flow of oil to operate. This is also a related to the issue above. Have your fluids checked at our shop today!
  • Failure in the Power Steering Pumps
    Again, this is an issue of keeping the fluids up to date. If the pump has to be replaced, we’ll also check all other parts of the car related as this issue can snowball into other more severe problems.

While we love our Mini’s over here at ZahnTech Automotive Service, they can be tricky when things fall apart quickly. That is why it is imperative to keep up on the general maintenance with a high performance brand such as this. Good things come in small packages, and they need to be taken care of! Bring your Mini over today and we’ll get it checked out and back on the road in no time!


  • Performance

  • Preventive Maintenance 30/60/90k

  • Suspension

  • Timing Belt Replacement

  • Transmission Service Repair

  • Courtesy Check-up