Servicing Your Acura in Redmond, WA

It’s not hard to find people driving Honda’s luxury brand, Acura, on the roads of Redmond, Washington. As a premier brand, Acuras are known for modern design, high performance and easy maintenance. That’s because Acura is cost effective when it comes to repairs and has simple routine maintenance plans that help your car last for many years compared to other luxury brands. But it’s critical to keep up with your scheduled maintenance. Here’s why:

You’ll Extend Your Acura’s Life

One of the principal advantages of keeping up with the maintenance of your Acura is that you can prolong your vehicle’s life. When it’s time to get servicing, you can expect your technician to rotate your tires for each visit. Rotating your tires helps to balance the wear of your tires so they can last longer over time. A reputable technician always provides a thorough inspection and servicing of your vehicle, including inspecting your shield wipers and changing your oil each time you visit. These basic services are minor but important for extending your car’s life.

Servicing Your Acura Protects Your Car

A trained technician knows how to spot issues with your car that you may not even realize exists. With the rainy weather in Redmond, WA, it’s easy for moisture build up in dents or other compromised metal parts of your Acura. This can damage your car if left unattended and foster the ideal environment for rust and corrosion. But when you get servicing for your Acura, your technician can take preventative measures to protect your car.

Servicing Improves Safety

Following a factory scheduled maintenance plan helps you ensure you’re taking the steps to ensure your car works correctly. A technician can detect faulty brakes and other dangerous elements that can put your safety at risk when you take it in for servicing at the right time.

Every Acura model has a set factory scheduled guideline. For example, you should get your tires rotated and filter and oil change every 7,500 miles for newer models. At the 30,000-mile mark, you can expect to have your transmission fluid and brake fluid changed. Your technician also inspects your drive belt and determines if your air filter requires changing.

Final Thoughts

From protecting your car’s exterior to preserving its look over time, there are several benefits to servicing your Acura in Redmond, WA. With Acura’s simple maintenance schedule, you can easily keep up with your routine maintenance so you have your Acura for years to come.


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