Mercedes Benz Repair Redmond, WA

Where should I take my Mercedes to get fixed on the Eastside?

Nowadays cars are built to run longer and go further between periods of routine maintenance and Mercedes Benz, being a leader in engineering, is no exception. While this has added a certain amount of convenience for the average automobile owner, it has affected the way we take care of our cars and trucks and has caused people to not pay as much attention as they should and in turn ending paying to have major repairs done. Often times the neglect of routine maintenance can be the difference of a couple thousand dollars when they bring their automobile in for repairs.

Anyone who knows the pleasure of owning a Mercedes Benz probably knows the pain (financially) of having it repaired. That’s why we here at Zahntech Import Automotive aim to be the Eastside’s dealer alternative for Factory Scheduled Maintenance and Repair for your Mercedes Benz. Not only are we more cost effective, but also have no incentive to upsell you on any unnecessary repairs. At Zahntech Import Automotive, John and his tech’s treat your Benz like it’s their own and want it to drive as efficiently and safely as possible so that you and your automobile are reaching your highest potential out there on our slick and often wet Washington roadways.

The owner’s manual will always offer specific information on the timing of factory scheduled maintenance. Many of the parts of a car need maintenance based on mileage. For example, the oil may not have to be changed for the last 5000 miles and may have been driven in rough conditions since the last time it was changed. There are other components that only need inspection after 40,000 miles and should be looked at in intervals of 10K beyond that. Anyone who has bought a used Mercedes Benz should find out when the last maintenance work or repair was done on the various parts of the car. That will help determine when the next maintenance job has to be done.

So if you’re switching to an independent shop to take care of your Mercedes or you’re new to the area and apprehensive about taking it into a dealer that you didn’t purchase your car from, bring it down to Zahntech Import Automotive and we’ll be happy to take a look!

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