BMW boasts that they’ve built the ultimate driving machine. Here at ZahnTech Automotive Service we know how to keep that ultimate driving machine out of the shop and out on the roads at it’s peak level of performance. While going to your dealership for repairs will help keep you up to date on scheduled maintenance, it will also give them opportunities to upsell you on unnecessary repairs.

It’s a myth that having an independent auto shop work on your car will void you from the manufacturers warranty. As long as the car has been kept up to date by the factory scheduled maintenance, then the warranty will still be honored. At ZahnTech Automotive Service we help you keep up to date with the FSM issued for your BMW while not urging you to have unnecessary repairs or tweaks done.

BMW Repair in Redmond, WA

Having your car looked at and inspected regularly is always a good idea but especially with a high-performance luxury line such as BMW. Even the smallest thing like changing the oil and fluids regularly can make the biggest difference in the overall life of your car, especially if you want it to have any resale value towards the end. With a speciality vehicle line such as BMW, it’s important to bring it to people who know what they’re doing and aren’t just a general shop. At ZahnTech Automotive Service we specialize in BMW repair and that’s why we’ve been a trusted repair shop for all things BMW and other Euro-Imports in the Redmond area for years.

So whether you’re in a Z3 coupe or a big body 7 series, bring by your BMW today and let us have a look!


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